Turnkey Solutions for Perth Commercial Fitouts

Taking over new office space can be difficult for a business. More space may be needed to expand operations, but the process can take a lot of time and money. An interior designer is needed to plan out the space based on the needs and preferences of the business. Once plans are finalized, a building permit has to be obtained, and a contractor has to be found. The work has to be completed, and then furniture, lighting and equipment has to be installed. The process can take a few months before the office is ready to be occupied.

A company that can provide turnkey solutions for Perth commercial fitouts will save businesses substantial amounts of time and money. Solutions can be developed for any size office space and any budget. High-end luxury office spaces, mid-range projects, and entry-level small businesses can be accommodated in one stop. Contemporary and bold spaces with vibrant colors and modern layouts can also be created from concept to completion. The process begins with a free consultation. A project manager will discuss needs, desires, and budget with the business owner, as well as make suggestions regarding the scope of the project. Designers then create computerized drawings of the proposed completed space for approval.

The next step that is handled totally by the company is the preparation and submission of documents to get a building license as soon as possible. Work can then begin. An in-house team for manufacturing components, building shelving and workstations, and electrical wiring helps save time on the project. During the entire process, the project manager is available to answer questions, provide updates, and address any concerns. The business owner also has access to company software that allows for the tracking of progress through updates and pictures.

Toward the completion of the project, the owner and manager conduct a walk-through of the space. This step provides the company with the opportunity to fix any problems or make corrections to ensure customer satisfaction. Finishing touches, such as electrical outlets, lighting, and the installation of any data and communications equipment are also added. A twelve-month warranty is included on all craftsmanship. Saving time and money on renovating office space allows the business to minimize downtime.