Mistakes to Avoid on Business

Business meetings have a longstanding reputation for being unexciting, boring and a waste of time. Entertainment and stock photos characterize meetings with scenes of bored employees watching the clock, rolling their eyes and falling asleep while the presenter seems to drone on interminably. Though the representations on TV and photos seem overdone, they’re true to life. According to a recent survey by enterprise intranet company Igloo Software, about half of all employees find meetings to be unproductive. More specifically, employees are annoyed with unnecessary meetings (76 percent), meetings going off-topic (59 percent) and people repeating one another (58 percent). “When people sense a meeting is lacking in productivity, they’re less likely to retain confidence it’s a good use of their time, and thus they disengage,” said Amanda Milligan, a spokeswoman for Igloo Software and project manager of the survey.

It’s important for managers to evaluate how they’re conducting meetings — and how often — to see if it’s the best for their teams, Milligan said. If your employees don’t seem to get anything out of company meetings, you may want to evaluate whether you’re making these mistakes.

Meetings without a distinct goal get classified as “pointless” and “unnecessary” by employees. “Meetings must have a clear purpose beyond a status report, which can be handled very well by one of the many online project management tools that are out on the market,” said Stephen Sheinbaum, founder of Bizfi, a financial technology company and alternative finance provider. “Make a meeting agenda, and send it to all attendees ahead of time [so] they know what is expected of them at the meeting.” Tim Eisenhauer, president of intranet provider Axero Solutions, agreed that forgoing an agenda is a big mistake, as this often leads to lengthy, off-topic meetings. “Keep it short,” Eisenhauer said. “Have defined start and end times, and most important, have someone to lead the meeting and keep it on track.” – See more at: http://www.businessnewsdaily.com/8633-business-meeting-mistakes.html#sthash.HhBzoJ2G.dpuf