Get a Quote on Printed Promotional Products That Advertise Special Events All Year Long

Anyone who has attended events taking place on many acres can tell you it’s extremely disconcerting when they lose keys, identification cards or name tags. If this happens, they can wander around for hours looking for them while wasting an entire day. This unfortunate scenario won’t occur if they’re lucky enough to be wearing what is known as a lanyard. There are companies that give customers quotes on various kinds that help event attendees advertise their company, while holding their keys.

Whether it’s a large school function, antique automobile show, or a sporting event, Lanyards spread the word while keeping car keys right where they belong; with the owner of the car. They’re available in many colors, heavy weight materials in plaids or stripes, and printed with the company name on them. If it’s a Ford, Chevy, or Toyota dealership, the company can call for a quote on as many as the they think they’ll need. If they’re not all given out one year, they’ll be ready for the next.

Some are manufactured to be highly visible, while others are satin appliqued with company names. Some can be ordered in every color of the rainbow, while others are nylon printed, or economy printed. Most of the companies also sell ID card holders, printed plastic cards, ID badge reels, plus banners, drink bottles, plastic pens or tote bags. Each product advertises the event. Customer also have something to hold on to if they want to make a purchase later on.

When searching for companies that offer quotes on all these products, most websites have a form that’s very easy to fill out to request a quote. If it’s a new company, and the customer needs help with a design, they will also assist in creating an eye-catching array of printing and colors, or another type of design. When a request for a quote is received, calls are quickly returned to future customers. Since costs are very affordable for everything from dog clips, trigger clips, whistle fittings, to special fittings, it’s easy to see why business is booming.

Every year, there are hundreds of events, which means various types of promotional products are needed. Whether pens or umbrellas, call for a quote and make each event a safer, fun, and memorable time for each attendee.